100 follows 400

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Last post had the photos taken with Rollei RPX400 and today is time to share few shots taken with slower brother – RPX100. I can say right away that I will continue using both these films. Yes, they are almost twice more expensive than Fomapan films, which are home here in Czech, but somehow I like them a lot. Tones, contrast, drying flat – and a bit cheaper than Ilford films which I used as well. Plus – using Rollei films in Rolleiflex camera has its own charm. 🙂

I have just problem with persuasion of my daughter to serve as my model. When she was younger she didn’t care, but these times, getting into middle teenage years, she doesn’t find being portrayed by father even bit entertaining. My father let me portrait him quite tolerantly – but who knows? Maybe after too many requests he will join my daughter in photo-sessions rejecting club.

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