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Title of today’s post is nonconsistent with the ending of my previous post where I said that I could not wait to have my negatives scanned. Reason being that in the meantime I came upon one interesting blog site written by one Italian guy ( and his articles “How to scan films using a digital camera” and especially “Best film scanner: Canon 5D Mark II vs Drum scanner vs Epson V700”. I bet you will be surprised, and if you are in the phase of considering buying some scanner for yourself, you will be happy to actually reading this article.

I do not have high resolution camera (my old trusty D700 is mere 12 Mpx) and I didn’t try to set my macro lens (Micro-Nikkor-P Auto 55 3.5) to maximal magnification using extension rings, but still I feel that results I got from photographing my negatives are very nice. At least I do not feel the urge to persuade myself for buying a scanner – for which I owe a big thank to Mr. Bevacqua who stays behind the blog mentioned above. 

So, being happy with the results I got so far, next step will be set the lens with extension macro rings and try to get the largest file possible and have it printed. (Hmm, at first I have to take a photo which will be good enough to become a print.)

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