A comes after D

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What? Yes. Analog comes after digital. In my case that is.

I bought my own first camera in 2008 I think, and it was a digital one. In following years I bought three other, still digital ones. And this year I somehow got interested in analog photography in medium format. It’s quite easy to get interested in something when you have an access to endless space of internet. And lots of time. (Can I accuse the corona virus for infecting me with analog bug?)

And so, after nights spent in front of computer, I decided to get some analog camera, and decided that it will be Pentacon Six. Very friendly price was one of the reasons. Other one was the possibility to get some great lenses again for very nice amount of money. I was able to get whole set of camera and three lenses for less then unbelievable 300 euros. And what a lenses. Carl Zeiss Biometars 80 and 120 with Sonnar 180. Talk about being very lucky.

Soon I bought my first rolls of film, shot it, had it developed and scanned. And felt being drawn to developing it myself. Purchase of changing bag, development tank and chemicals was inevitable.

And so was the birth of this blog. Welcome here and let’s hope that we will see each other here more often.

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