Drum roll for the first roll

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When I got the camera, I have found out that it is loaded with some film already. I left it there and finished it with couple of shots and after that loaded the camera with my own first roll which I have bought before. Fomapan – as this was the cheapest option. I opted for ISO400 hoping that I would be able to use faster shutterspeeds to prevent any motion blurs.

I did not plan any particular photosession, just took the camera with me when visiting my mom and friends. Photos of people you know are usually the most rewarding when they come out nicely after all.

Shooting with Pentacon Six is extremely entertaining. I am used to operating digital cameras, shooting couple of frames in fast succession, … But you have to forget all of this. Working with this machine is slow, prudent and judicious. At least it does look like. But I really do enjoy slow and careful movement of cocking the shutter lever.

But looking into the camera viewfinder is completely something else. I do not have camera equipped with prism, I use WLF – waist level finder – and man, it is so unusual. Seeing things reversed left-to-right makes me extremely slow when focusing. I cannot catch the frame and my models have to be quite patient. Luckily the look of the camera itself keeps them interested and they, I hope, do not feel so weird as I do in the meantime while I am swinging camera from one side to anothe trying to get into frame what I want.

I sent these two premiere rolls to be developed and scanned to one professional company, so I cannot say anything about the proces. All I can say that film wasn‘t scanned with high resolution, as a single picture size is about 2MPx in 1500×1500.

Nevertheless, I have my first shots and I’m looking forward shooting more.

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