Byousoku 35 mirimétoru

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Today’s post’s title is reflecting one Japanese movie called “5 centimetres per second “. One I didn’t see yet, but I will find a time to do so. Same as I found a time to try out my new Nikon F2 and some rolls of 35 mm film.

I bought several b&w films: Fomapan 400, Kodak TMax 400, Ilford HP5, Ilford PAN100, Adox Silvermax. And got a roll of Kodak DoubleX to test from my friend. I didn’t shoot all of them yet, it will take some time, but few of them I did. I didn’t buy any colour film in 35 mm version.

First opportunity to test the camera and chosen film came in February when I visited my friend with the intention to document his shaping. He is into surfing and in last couple of years he started to shape his own boards and even shaping some boards for his friends as well.

Another opportunity for film testing came unsurprisingly during my time with my family. My daughter was just thirteen this January and she really enjoys being a teenager. For example she slowly started to reject my requests for posing. So it’s actually much easier to get a shot when I’m together with her and my wife.

I welcomed this walk also as a chance to try my Nikkor 10.5cm 1:2.5. In fact I got F2 just for this one particular lens.

I also tried some still lifes.

And could also cover our churros evening. I was really surprised how good they were. It was my first time tasting churros.

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