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How these words go together?

After getting into analog world with Pentacon Six I also started to consider some smaller camera. With already acquired set of various Nikon lenses from my digital phase I searched through what Nikon has to offer. Soon I was narrowing down my focus on Nikon FM, FM2 and F2. I inclined towards FM2 with its 1/4000th second shutter speed  – I do love to use my fast lenses fully open for maximal background blur and bokeh. Then I was lucky to get beautiful lens, Nikkor 10.5cm 1:2.5 with nine aperture blades shown in previous post. This lens, being non-ai, I wouldn’t be able to mount on FM2, but I was considering to have it ai-ed and use it on my D700. When I expressed this my intention to Film Camera GAS Factory group on FB, one member halted me in my plans. Thanks to his enthusiasm I could realize that I should keep this precious lens in its original condition. And therefore it was decided which camera body to get – F2 on which I could mount this lens without any problem.  

I was reading a lot about Nikon F2 before getting my own and almost everywhere I read that F2 is build like tank, hefty, bulky, rugged, … And seeing the numerous photos of it with huge looking measuring prism left me awaiting a goliath.

Then it arrived.

What a tiny camera it is.

I was shooting for years with my D700 with battery pack attached and got pretty used to its weight and size, so that explains why in my eyes it is pretty appropriate to call F2 a cute and tiny camera. It doesn’t mean that I consider it toyish or flimsy. Not at all. It does feel very solid and very reliable.

It looks sweet with Nikkor 10.5cm on it. 

I’m going to exchange the light sealing stripes and mirror dumper, put the first roll of film in it and keep it clicking.

My Nikon family is growing. 🙂

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