Eleventh hour trial

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I had this CZJ Sonnar 180/2.8 for some time already but didn´t take it out much, which was just about going to change. I took it with me while visiting my friend. And prior visiting him I took one frame of my daughter as well.

Lens is stocky, heavy, loaded with glass. I can add one thing about handling. Somehow I kept incidentally changing my aperture when focusing. I had to be quite careful about that otherwise I ended up with underexposed or overexposed shots.

Why I, you might wonder, keep using past tense when speaking about the lens?

Because I´m not its owner anymore as I sold my whole Pentacon Six set of camera, four lenses and some accessories. I´m aiming at different medium format camera now, so I hope it won´t take a long and I´ll be able to show you what I was after in the next blog post.

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    1. Jo – moc povedené sklo. Ta váha se mu za ten výkon dala odpustit. 🙂
      Jinak už jsem stihl pořídit – Rolleiflex SL66 s 80/2.8 a 150/4.

    1. Díky – hlavně abych měl dobré voko. 🙂

      Jinak jsem rád, že jsem vzal Rollei, protože jsem zpočátku zvažoval i Mamiyu RB67 a nevím, co bych s ní dělal – má 3 kg – a mě překvapilo i těch 1.9 Rolleie. 🙂

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