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Two years ago, when I got interested in film photography, very soon I found medium format exceptionally luring. I didn’t have sufficient budget to buy a camera which I wanted the most – Rolleiflex SL66. So I decided to go for a cheaper and more wallet-friendly Pentacon Six with bunch of lenses and beside these I also bought along the way some old manual lenses for my digital Nikon set.

But the calling of the medium format didn’t left me so I kept watching on many websites and auction sites, read multiple reviews and followed number of photographers on social media. I started to consider Mamiya camera, which was still considerably cheaper than Rolleiflex. I decided to watch more closely Japanese auctions and almost bought one, but then one day it dawned on me: I might get enough money for buying SL66 if I sell some stuff I have acquired along the way.

I placed my P6 set online, soon sent it off to its new owner and in few weeks was lucky to spot one auction site with recently serviced and reasonably priced Rolleiflex. I was even able to bargain about the small reduction and then we stroked a deal.

As soon as I unpacked the camera and lifted it, I was so happy I didn’t buy the Mamimya RB67. Rolleiflex SL66 is much lighter than Mamiya but still it’s weight surprised me. What I would do with 3 kg of Japanese beauty? Smidgin less than 2 kg of mass packed with mechanical brilliance in the shape of SL66 is quite enough for me.

Couple of days I almost didn’t touch it and kept reading reviews and manuals to know hot to handle it properly. Then I loaded a first roll and took first steps in actual usage of the camera. That shutter click sound is pretty sweet.

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